Map Info
Map Id
Map Name
Ceiling Color
Floor Color
Sky Texture
Spawn Locations
Floor Wall Ceiling
Sprite Decorations
Items and Powerups
NPCs and Enemies
Light, Effects and Sounds
Ambient Light Level
Ambient Light Color
Fog Color
Fog Distance
Lights Effects Sounds
Projectile Editor

Max Damage

Fire Range (1 for hit/stab, 0 for infinite)

Ammo Capacity (-1 for infinite)

Starting Ammo (when first unlocking this ammo type)

Blast Radius

Sprite (optional)

Particle trails

Trail Color

Weapon Editor

Hand Frames: First frame is used while walking, subsequent frames are used for firing animation



Cooldown Time

Projectiles per Shot

Sort Order

HUD Hands Scale

Script Editor
A script is a sequence of actions that will occur once some event triggers the script or when one or multiple flags have been triggered by the game. A script can be triggered multiple times, or set to trigger only once.
Script Name
Triggered by Flag(s) (csv)

Script Actions:

Item Editor
Item Name
Can Stack in Inventory (RPG)
Sound Effect
Collectables are game-level items that can be used to trigger scripts or unlock particular areas of the game. For example, you can have a door or switch that will only operate if you have x number of a certain collectable. They can also trigger a script when the player collects a certain number, like gain 1 life when you collect 100 coins.
Icon Name Script Count Remove
Heads Up Display
HUD Style
Background Color
Foreground Color
Background Texture
Player View Background
HUD Font
Text Stroke Color
HUD Font Preview
Some items are only applicable if they are enabled in the game settings.
Sound Effects
Primary Game Settings
Game Name
Game Logo
Title Screen Background Image
Title Screen Background Color
Menu Text Color
Menu Text Stroke Color
Menu Text Font
If your game does not rely on lighting or floor/ceiling textures, consider disabling those respective engines to greatly improve performance, particularly on mobile devices.
Player Stat Style
Player Inventory Style
Level Name/Prefix
Starting Weapons
Image Import

Prepare your texture and click on the images you wish to import.

Single Texture (entire image or animated)
or (texture frame size)
Multiple Textures (texture sheet)
Texture Generator

Choose the parameters for a new engine-generated texture

Base Color
Texture Size
Noise Variance
Noise Size
Image Frames